Recreational Diving

Our daily rate for MOST training is $325/day, per student. (cost of consumables and/or entry fees are additional) There are some exceptions such as an IDC or IE, Research & Scientific Diver, and our Open Water Course.

Open Water is typically a 3-4 day venture where you will have the opportunity to learn exceptional water comfort and we teach everything from scuba gear to scuba travel, detailed physics, physiology, equipment handling, & much, MUCH, more! It is an ALL INCLUSIVE course (including the SDI certification card). The Dive911 Open Water course is $699 and can be combined with a Nitrox Class for an additional $150 (including c-card) We will never rush you with an Open Water class either… Groups are never more than 4 students to 1 instructor.

For detailed information about any of our courses, please reach out through our contact page! We look forward to diving with you!!

Questions about our programs?? Email us at: or call us at 770-652-7401