Hydro Testing

DOT Testing Certification

In order to maintain DOT compliance, all DOT regulated cylinders must be periodically tested by a certified DOT testing facility. The testing facility should be equipped to test, inspect, certify, repair and/or rebuild low-pressure stainless-steel cylinders according to the appropriate methods for hydrostatic testing.

Dive911 DOES NOT perform any Hydrostatic testing, however we contract with an approved DOT facility to have all our scuba cylinders meet DOT specifications!

Dive911 offers:

Hydrostatic test for individual scuba cylinders @ $35 ea. 

Hydrostatic test, Visual Inspection, & AIR fill @ $65 ea.

Hydrostatic test, Visual Inspection, Valve O2 Cleaning, & NITROX fill (up to 32%) @ $85 ea.

Tank rolling will be priced on a case by case basis.